Friday, December 27, 2013

Harry Styles' Buddies Don't Support His Romance With Kendall Jenner!Find Out Why HERE!

kendall jenner harry stylesHarry Styles and Kendall Jenner's love affairis only beginning to blossom, but the One Direction hotties' friendzies already don't approve!
And we can all thank mama Kris Jenner for it! *SIGH*
Harry's friends are super spooked Kris will try to cash in on his superstardom like she has done with her other daughters and their famous relationships.
An insider dished:
“Kris will push them to do joint business ventures. She’ll make sure she benefits off them.”
So what if Kris gets a bit TOO excited about her kiddies and their celeb beaus?? Isn't that part of her charm??! HA!
Anyway, regardless of Kris' involvement, it's hard to avoid attention when two youngins as hot and famous as Harry and Kendall get together.
We can't forget the media circus that was Haylor!
Harry and company better buckle up, but no question Kendall is worth the bumpy ride!!!

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