Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner ORDERED To Appear For Deposition InLawsuit Against Ex-Stepmom!!

kim k and kris j
This lawsuit has been heating up for the past few months!
Now we're hearing that, despite what they may want, Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner will definitely have to appear in court to face Ellen Kardashian!
Kim and some of her siblings, although which ones have yet to be specified, will appear before a judge and are to be questioned on whether or not they filed a lawsuit against their ex step mom solely as a way to drum up a storyline for their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
And if they did, did they subsequently stage scenes around this fabrication in order to build drama in the hopes of bigger ratings?
Wow! That sounds serious!

Kim and her family were the original ones to file a lawsuit, so we kind of assumed they'd be showing up in court. But we guess maybe they tried to get out of it? There ARE a lot of things happening in their life right now!
But the ex stepmom filed a counter lawsuit that accused her former step daughters of a "litany of civil offenses, including defamation, intentionally inflicting emotional distress, a civil conspiracy to defame and the public disclosure of private facts."
Here's what a source said:
“It’s always been Ellen and her lawyers belief that they will be able to prove the the storyline was orchestrated. Their answers at these depositions could reveal whether any of the dialogue and discussion in key Keeping Up With The Kardashians scenes were scripted and staged and whether there was a plot to smear their dad’s ex-wife.”
We doubt they'll have a problem proving the scenes were staged, but we're thinking it won't be easy to prove that the lawsuit against the step-mom was a farce for ratings. That sounds pretty crazy!
One of the things that was said about Ellen, the ex stepmom and widower of Robert Kardashian, on the show was that she was a "slippery snake".
It will be Ellen's lawyers' job to prove that this phrase, among others, wasn't just a spur of the moment piece of dialogue.
Here's how a source explained it:
“Ellen’s lawyers believe the evidence they uncover from the opposing party will prove that many of the defamatory statements made by the Kardashian siblings and Jenner about Ellen were scripted or discussed prior to being recorded."
No matter who wins and who loses - it's pretty clear we'll be learning A LOT about the inner workings of the famous reality show before this is all over!
And by a lot, we mean a shizz ton!
[Image via Ryan/WENN.]

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