Friday, December 27, 2013

Real Estate Agents Sued By Client After Being Caught Having Sex In TheHome Multiple Times!

real estate agents nj sex
What the SHIZ is this?!?!
Two real estate agents in New Jersey, Bob Lindsay andJeannemarie Phelan, are being sued because they used one of their client's houses (while on the market) as their own personal love nest!
What the WHAAATTT!!!!
Richard & Sandra Weiner, who are the homeowners, caught the agents in the act because their trusty security cameras caught them doing the dirty NINE different times!!
According to the lawsuit:

“At 12:51 p.m., the security cameras show that Phelan entered the Weiners’ home, and Phelan and Lindsay kissed and hugged in the kitchen. The security cameras further show that at 1:02 p.m., Lindsay and Phelan entered the master bedroom, undressed and proceeded to have sex on the Weiners’ bed.”
Not only were they caught nine times, but when they were exposed, by the police no less, Bob Lindsay was caught with his pants down, literally!
The lawsuit said:
"Sandra Weiner happened to be checking the video camera feed at the time and saw strange people in the house with what she thought were flashlights. The house was dark at the time. Weiner called the local police who then went to the house, [when] the police opened the door to the house [they] found Lindsay pulling up his pants.”
This shizzz is CRAZY!!!
Both real estate agents have been fired from Coldwell Banker...and rightfully so!
Apparently, they had put the house up on the market for well above what it was worth so that there would be little-to-no traffic in the home and the pair could continue to use it as a love den!!
Those poor homeowners!! This is just crazy!!
[Image via CBS 2.]


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