Monday, April 07, 2014

Justin Bieber & Austin Mahone Kiss? Fans Freak Over Bisexual Hoax(PHOTO)

Austin Mahone Justin Bieber Kissing

Mahomies and Beliebers must have been loving how much quality time their idols were spending together in Miami over the April 5 weekend, but they got a total shock when a picture of the two singers kissing (ON THE LIPS!) surfaced online on April 7. So what the heck is going on? We found out the truth!

For a while we thought Austin Mahone might be Selena Gomez‘s next boyfriend, but a picture that surfaced on April 7 made fans think that he’s going to be Justin Bieber‘s boyfriend! A tweet that appeared to come from Justin’s account included a picture of some lip action between him and Austin and an accompanying coming out message — but is it all just another silly hoax?
Umm yes, DEFINITELY. The entire tweet, which was posted on, was a work of Photoshop mastery, as it constructed an absurd message appearing to be from Justin — “meet my new boyfriend. I’m Bi, so what? f**k what anyone thinks” — along with a picture of the Biebs locking lips with Austin.
But besides just using common sense, there are two blatant factors that indicate how fake “Justin’s tweet” is. First off, Huzlers describes themselves as “a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief,” so clearly they’re not afraid to fudge the truth to be shocking.
Secondly, a simple search on Twitter reveals the real photo where this Photoshop job originated from. The actual pic is of Justin and Austin kissing the cheeks of a lucky fan. I’m no photo-editing expert, but I know that it’s not too hard to erase that middle person and bring the two stars’ lips together. Clearly that’s what happened here.

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