Wednesday, April 09, 2014

REGINA ASKIA Visits Nigeria After Over A Decade.

Regina with Teesa and Rudy Jnr
The ex beauty queen who left her American base on April 4,2014 is presently in Akwa Ibom visiting family with her two children Teesa and Rudy Jnr.
Regina has not stepped into Nigeria for over 10years......(i hope my calculation is correct o)
She says on her facebook page:

Regina Askia Williams
Finally in my mothers arms, in the village. Finally got my share of the ikpan, the isip mbakara, the ekpang nkukwo, aaahhh......Walked around the ranging farm house, my sister had the house all done up nieces and nephews vying to show new skills and sending messages of love to Teesa and Rudy........Had long discussion with Uncle mmi. It was sunny, beautiful and hot....Palm fronds swaying, cool breeze blowing, tropical scents wafting.......Africa my Africa.

Finally in Uyo, AKS. Attended a memorial service for the slain victims of the civil war. Specifically those accused by their kin of being saboteurs, who were tortured and shot at the City center. Families of the victims prayed for forgiveness of the perpetuators and for the peaceful repose of their lost relations. Tears and hugs as families laid wreaths and embraced each other. The choir sang beautiful solemn hymns.The clergy man prayed against the spirit of Absolom ( returning hate for love) against the spirit of Saul, and against the spirit of Cain ( brother slaying brother in the name of politics and power). Governor Akpabio preached about the city of Jerusalem and where there was admonishment of Jerusalem, a city who rejected and stoned her prophets, ooh Jerusalem, the Governor admonished, ooooohhh Uyo. Ooh Uyo, how long are you going to continue to stone (so to speak) and reject your leaders, how long will you continue to close your eyes to the good brought to you, Oooh Uyo....... Today we will embark on an appraisal tour to see the uncommon transformation of AKS.....So far I'm in awe of the infrastructural changes. Akwaibomites let me hear from you..........

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