Sunday, December 22, 2013

Amazon Sides With Target! Won’t Sell Beyoncé’s New Album Online

beyonce album cd not being sold by amazon
But what about all of those Amazon Prime users?! How will they get their CD in two days with free shipping?!?
You may recall that after Beyoncé’s iTunes exclusive on her new album, Target chose not to carry her CD in their stores.
Well, has joined them!
The company will be selling the electronic MP3 version ofBeyoncé , but not the actual CD. Also, you’re going to have to search for it in Amazon’s system because they’re not advertising it.
Seems like a silly way to make money, no?
However, independent users on Amazon are selling the CD, so you CAN still get it there.
This seems to be a bigger issue than just Queen Bey’s album though; it has to do with Sony Music Entertainment.

Apparently, they usually let pre-sales happen even when another company has an exclusive, which has been great for marketing, but even that couldn’t be done this time. And it means that Amazon may not be so eager to sell any other Sony records in the future!
This isn’t the first time Sony has done an exclusive with a company like Apple, and reportedly they make up for it to other businesses with incentives… but not in this case.
It makes sense that companies would be irritated about the exclusive, but this has to be hurting their sales in the end, which is no bueno for anyone!

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