Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Britney Spears Slammed By Journalists As "Worst Interview Of 2013!"

britney spears worst interviewIt's safe to say Chicago journalists aren't Britney Spears' biggest fans.
In fact, Brit was deemed "the WORST interview of 2013" by a group of leading reporters in the state.
Jamar "J Nice" McNeil of Chicago's B96 The J Showexplained:
"Least favorite interview this year was Britney Spears. She was not at all interested in her own new album, her new single or her Vegas residency show. She wasn’t interested in the interview. Why’d her label make her do this? Waste. I would’ve rather spent that time with a corpse. No, like really. A corpse ‘off gasses,’ might twitch, decomposes, bloats — pretty interesting stuff. Britney Spears? Two words: Nothing there.”

Ooooo harsh words!
But Jamar wasn't the only one who wasn't so keen on Britney.
Jamar's co-worker, Michelle ‘Showbiz Shelly’ Menakerechoed:
"While she has catchy songs and cool music videos, it was almost a struggle for her to form a sentence. She might have been nervous, but it was tough for her to elaborate on things as simple as her new Vegas Show.”
Then again, when you're as big as Brit-Brit for sooooo long, we're sure interviews can get realllllly boring.
In our opinion, they should just be thankful she's still putting in the work b*tch! HA!
No matter how she behaves, we'd bow down to such pop music royalty for agreeing to be in our presence...
...but to each their own! LOLz!

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