Monday, December 30, 2013

Charlie Sheen’s Sex Tape With Nic Cage’s Ex Could Solve A Robbery!

charlie sheen sex tape may solve robbery nic cage baby mama
This is getting juicier by the day!
Back in November, Nicolas Cage’s baby momma Christina Fulton told the police that four of her computers were stolenby someone who was looking for a sex tape she made withCharlie Sheen.
And now there’s a twist!
Christina has told the cops that she has a copy of the tape, which proves that the original exists, and she’ll give it to the PoPo next week.
They still haven’t found the computers or any tapes, but they have still arrested Ricardo Orozco, Christina’s handyman, and charged him with burglary. Reportedly, Orozco and two men -- who have been released -- sat down with Sheen’s lawyer after everything was stolen, and asked for money.
What a great way to get caught!
So far, the police are short on evidence for a criminal case, but this video could really help.
You have to wonder why Christina waited so long to come forward with the tape though!

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