Friday, January 03, 2014

Beyoncé's Fans Destroy TLC's Chilli On Twitter Over A SimpleMisunderstanding!

beyonce tlc rozonda chilli thomas diss beyhive miley cyrus
The Beyhive really is as busy as bees these days!
They came to Queen B's defense on Thursday, when reports came out that Miley Cyrus had dissed her music and post-baby bod, but they backed off when that turned out to be afalse alarm!
They swarmed to another target, though!
Beyoncé's loyal legions of followers actually turned against legendary R&B artist Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC after it came out that she was also dropping dirt on their Queen!
There was one problem, though, Chilli was never really talking trash!
She had merely reiterated that the phrases "Queen B" and "Bey" were tired, and that they needed to go -- we don't agree, obvs -- but she wasn't talking smack about Beyoncé herself!
She would NEVER!
Angry tweets were immediately directed Chilli's way! Mean ones, too! They called her out for being old and implied her career was over!!
Ugh!! This celeb feud isn't even a real thing, but the Beyhive got so mean!!!
With her new album this successful, we can't imagine why so many of her fans are upset! This is a time for celebration!
This is the year of Queen B!

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