Thursday, January 02, 2014

Uti Nwachukwu Bathes Designer Mai Atafo With Praises On Instagram.

Uti recently posted the above picture and penned some accolades on himself and the man whose label he wore...
''A Mai Atafo inspired collection at  MUSIC MEETS RUNWAY. Eish!! EVERYTIME I collaborate with  on the runway, WE ALWAYS KILL it!! Daaaang!!! Peeps be telling me I look like a military dictator! Hehehe. Well, be afraid! BE VERY AFRAID!! Muaaahahahahahaha.  Lol. Seriously tho MAI is the truth! Since 2009 we've been creating runway magic together! Gat nothing but respect, admiration and appreciation for you! God bless you bro! Love the outfittttt! Daaaaaannnngggg!!! Lol. Definitely one of my favorite runway looks! Who else u knw can pull of a military outfit with dredlocks?!! Huhn???!! Hehehehe.''

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