Friday, January 03, 2014


The above question is the million dollar question we would love many ladies to give at least an answer to. Can a man (your lover, boyfriend, man friend etc) whomsoever he is leave you stranded at the wedding registry, not once, not twice, not thrice...but, 4, 5, 6 freaking times. 

What kind of a man would do that to someone you have professed to love above all others especially more than the whole world. Imagine the preparations that must have gone towards the day, imagine the shock of getting to the venue or better put registry and it came to your turn and your name was getting called repeatedly. Imagine the shock that would be on the face of the witnesses that must have gone to the registry with you, just imagine how shocked the parents would be if out of joy they had thought to go witness their child getting hooked, the  sheer embarrassment of it all. 

Let's give you a clearer perspective to ponder on. Imagine you have dated your so called heartthrob all of 10 plus years. Main reason you have stayed that long must be because you have an end in sight, thinking that at the end of it all, he would make a good woman out of you, you have over the years gladly accepted abuses and all sorts of insults. The other reason could be that having gone through ten plus years together and having seen it all, what more storm can we not weather together. It surely must have been love, even if it wasn't at the beginning. 

The sheer madness of it all to crown the insult well well, he now does not appear at the registry, 6 different times. Even after you had had the so called introduction.  What could this lady have done to you to warrant such humiliation?

If it were you, what would you have done? Remember this is a true life story!

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