Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rihanna Causes Chaos.. See Details here!


Rihanna caused chaos helping out on her uncle's farm.
The 25-year-old beauty was happy to muck in with feeding pigs and chickens on the family land in Barbados, but when she began "messing around", several animals escaped and "ran wild".
A source said: "Rihanna was happy to work with the animals but soon she started giggling and messing around.
"Unfortunately because she wasn't paying attention she didn't realise a couple of the gates were left open.
"As a result some of the livestock escaped and ran wild around the farm.

"It caused hours of commotion trying to round them up."
And the 'Diamonds' hitmaker left her loved ones hysterical with laughter as they witnessed her attempts to recapture some escaped pigs and chickens.
The source continued to the Daily Star newspaper: "She even fell over a couple of times and got covered in mud - or possibly worse!"
Rihanna eventually got the escaped creatures back into their pens and was quick to celebrate her exploits with her favourite tipple.
The source said: "Eventually though she got them all back in their sties and coops."
"And once it was done she celebrated with plenty of rum."

Source: starpulse

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