Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kanye West Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Bound 2 Sample!

tumblr m02xxskhqp1qgxdttKanye West is causing trouble again, but this time it'll cost him!
Ricky Spicer— the vocalist heard on Bound 2— has filed a lawsuit yesterday in NYC against the rapper for using his pipes on the jam without his permission.
YUP! While it was originally recorded over 40 years ago as part of the old school soul group the Ponderosa Twins Plus One, Ricky and his legal team are requesting Kanye pay up or cease-and-desist any trace of his vocals on the track.
The paperwork states:
"Mr. Spicer's voice is sampled exactly as he recorded it and his voice… is heard several times."
The self-proclaimed god has yet to respond, but he better get that checkbook ready quick!
Guess even Yeezus has to ask for authorization before using someone else's work!
Listen to the two versions and compare the OBVIOUSsimilarities yourself (below)!!!

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