Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Lady Gaga's Hitting That Desperation Ceiling With Her Vulva Again

Another day, another exposure of Lady Gaga's vulva in some kind of artsy fartsy way that's supposed to make you stick your index finger in the cleft of your chin while pretending to be all thoughtful and introspective. At least that's probably what she intended it to come over as -- everybody knows that you're not seriously considering the sociopolitical and esoteric meta ramifications of Gaga's naked body. You know, again. 

This is Gaga's latest cover shoot for Candy magazine, which prides itself on its "art," "fashion," and "transgression," so yes -- Lady Gaga appears to be the perfect candidate for this type of publication. Who knows art, fashion, and/or transgression better than Lady Gaga herself?

Ha. That's what we thought, too.

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