Monday, December 02, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Grand Theft Auto V For Using A CharacterAllegedly Based On Her!

Lindsay Lohan is suing GTAV for basing a character on her
Could she have been their muse?!
It’s being reported that Lindsay Lohan is looking to sueGrand Theft Auto V creators Rockstar Games because she claims they created a character based on her, and she wants some ca$$$h from it!
The thin, blonde in a bikini with a cellphone is the woman in question.
LiLo says that that not only does the woman resemble her, but she also asks to be take home to escape the paps, and she goes to a West Hollywood hotel that the actress frequents and has lived at. In that mission, people are trying to take pictures of her doing the dirty!
The woman does look like Lindsay, but she also looks like other people, possibly Kate Upton.
And the hotel in question has been frequented by Hollywood’s elite for decades!
While there are some similarities, it could be hard to prove that Lindsay was the inspiration.
[Image via Instagram and Rockstar Games.]

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