Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Paul Walker’s Final Finished Film Hours Will Be Released Later ThisMonth!

paul walker hours edit
It wasn’t an easy decision but the producers of Paul Walker’s last completed movie have announced they are staying on schedule and plan to release the film in a matter of weeks, despite the actor’s tragic death this weekend.
Hours stars Walker as a soon-to-be dad whose on-screen wife Genesis Rodriguezgoes into labor at the same time that Hurricane Katrina strikes the city of New Orleans!
This flick was reportedly a passion project for Paul and one that he was very proud to be apart of. Producer Peter Safranis sure that moving forward with the original release date is what Walker would have wanted them to do. Safran said:
"Paul would have very much wanted us to move forward. He was incredibly proud of this project. We did a press junket two weeks ago, and I remember sitting with him and how excited he was for people to see this movie. He really looked to this movie to show people that he is an actor.”
Paul Presburger, the CEO of Pantelion Films who produced the film, also explained what an amazing performance Paul gave in this role, saying:
"It's Paul's tour de force. He's in every frame of the movie.”
A movie to showcase Paul Walker’s true talent. We can’t think of a better way to remember him by!

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