Tuesday, March 11, 2014

John Dumelo's Alleged Wife Sends Him A Memo On Their Supposed Anniversary.

Harrina Alexander says she is the original Mrs Dumelo and even posted their marriage certificate online last year..Mr Dumelo came out to deny that he married her and said it was a movie role....Harrina is not stopping oh,she has sent him an anniversary memo today which she says is the day they got married.

To my husband on our anniversary march 11, 2014.
When I look back at how we began;
the laughter and love that we shared,
smile at all the ways we loved and we dared
to dream of a wonderful future together
and how we promised this was forever

And I try to recall the moment when
things started to change;
Just what it could’ve been
to cause our happiness to slip away,
And though I may never find the answer
I do know one thing for sure.

I still love you now
as much as I did then
and I don’t know how
but we can get through this
I’m not ready to give up on us
You’re still my one true love

To my husband John Dumelo
All I want for this anniversary is for you to
Be honest to everyone about our marriage.
You keeping silent and going around telling
Everyone you are not married is not being a good
Role model as you call yourself.
People look up to you, I am asking you this from my
Heart be honest.


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