Sunday, March 09, 2014

Would you Report a Boss who tried to Molest you at Work?

What would you do if you were in this situation?
You have a boss who has shown you in every way that each time he looks at you, all he sees is you naked and in bed with him. Quite alright, you are soo single, in your late twenties, attractive woman. The salary you earn is very good too. You really need the money as well. Then your boss, though he's not the most superior, is a married man, in his fourties with kids.

Everyday at the office, once the opportunity presents itself, he tries to touch your boobs or tap your butt. For example, he always has a 'good' stupid reason for bumping into you and his hands brushing your boobs or bum. One thing or the other. He's even one time, tried to grab you when it was just the two of you in his office. He's also the one that appraises your work performance.

If you were this lady, would you report him to your superiors and risk the consequences, which of course won't be minor?
I know someone this happened to and when we asked her why she never complained, she said she didn't want to embarrass him. She personally knew the man's wife one on one. Eventually, the man was transferred to another branch so that's how my friend got her 'freedom'. So, what would you do? Let's say there was no hope of him being transferred, would you resign?

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