Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia Flight 370: Investigators Conclude Plane Was Hijacked

Malaysia Flight 370 Hijacked

Investigators have concluded that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked by one of the pilots or another person or group ’with significant flying experience,’ according to a Malaysian government official.

The official, who is involved in the investigation, has confirmed that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked by one or more people who turned off the plane’s communication devices and flew it off its regular route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. It’s no longer a theory, the official told The Associated Press. ”It is conclusive.”

This conclusion comes exactly one week after the plane mysteriously disappeared on March 8. The Malaysian government official says that no motive has been determined by investigators and the plane’s whereabouts are still unclear at this time, according to CBS News.

Piracy and pilot suicide are among the theories that investigators are looking into in the plane’s disappearance.
A new analysis based on all of the radar data, satellite pings, and calculations investigators have collected in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, suggests that the plane likely headed in one of two directions after making a turn back over the Malay Peninsula — either north into the Bay of Bengal near India or southeast into the Indian Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crashed? — Plane Likely Fell In Indian Ocean

Indian military and some U.S. military assets are currently searching both the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, CNN reported on March 14.
Investigators are also combing the waters surrounding the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, after a report that the missing airliner may have landed near the remote Indian-owned archipelago.
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