Friday, December 13, 2013

Actress Beverly Naya: Many Industry People Have Complex Problem

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This is not the first time of hearing about complex issues that saturates movie industry. Meanwhile, 
this is almost the very first time an actress is coming openly to reveal her feeling about the level of superiority complex ruling the industry. Actress Beverly Naya must have gotten it in quantum and decides to scream.

Read her comment below:

“I swear a couple of these industry peeps suffer from extreme complex or just straight schizophrenia... Let's not forget the guys who see you in person but wait until the next day to send you a DM saying 'You looked nice last night' *side eye* I'll always say hello if I know you, that's just the way I am. No time for the complex! Not cute at all! The females definitely take the cake, today they are all smiles...tomorrow they'll make eye contact with you and then look away. #SadTimes. And those lads who don't handle rejection very well...they're the worst! Do NOT squint your eyes at me, you know EXACTLY who I am lol! It irks me when you see me and then act like you don't know me until I say hello. Like really? We were just talking a few days ago...!”

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