Saturday, December 14, 2013

Monalisa Magazine Tells The Real Story Behind Her Ex-Editor's KelvinKeshi Sack

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We have heard the story of the Kelvin Keshi, ex-assistant editor of Monalisa Magazine, who was told to leave the company, and the next was that he went on crazy on the internet, and started publishing company intellectual property, he also claims that Lanre Nzeribe only sees people as tools and he will not be cowered by the ‘might’ of his wealth and high-powered connection.Read it HERE

Monalisa, who is the owner of the magazine has been silent over this matter has granted City People magazine her side of the story and we are surprised to hear that she is not owning him contrary to the picture Kelvin painted.

She said Kelvin as a matter of fact was a mistake. He is boy we tried to help even though we knew deep down he wasn't well qualified but we needed to get someone who has experience because other 

staff are fresh graduates. So we just told him to come on board and when he came, he had his CV doctored, his address doctored and he said he was the assistant editor in that publication but he wasn't. He lied about so many things that we didn't feel was necessary for him to have lied about.

He was good at writing and so we said as long as you are good at writing, its not a problem because we need a very good person who can head the editorial department. His disposition was very laid back but we said come on board, we need people to be groomed. Well he came on board but started having an affair in the office. We didn't realize he was having an affair with the same lady in the other publication house where they came from. He came down here and started off from where he left off.

I didn't know and there was so much commotion going on. He couldn't head his department nor meet his targets, and in the midst of all that, there was another girl working with them who they also frustrated. So we told him to go away for a while, we didn't even lay him off and the next was that he went on crazy on the internet, He started publishing company intellectual property. So we had to change a whole lot of thing. We had to change the title of the magazine, some text and lots more.

To our utter disappointment, he has a brother who is a lawyer so he came and we had a meeting with them and he was totally disappointed. He said this was just a disgruntled brother who feels he wasn't treated well. I said how because we were always talking on the phone and i kept asking him what the problem was. It was much later after we laid him off we realized this affair he was having was affecting him. That was just what happened”.

When asked if he was owed any salary as Kelvin alleged, Monalisa said

“We have documents to prove there is nothing like that. all the while he was meant to meet up his target but he was concentrating on his job and we asked him to go away for two weeks. Perhaps its the two weeks pay he is asking of and that is not done anywhere, you cant go and release company property just like that, its not done. I pray wherever he is right now, may God forgive him”.

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