Thursday, December 12, 2013

Watch the 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special full-length trailer. 'The Time of the Doctor' is Matt Smith's final episode on the BBC series

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in  'Doctor Who'
This Christmas will usher in a new era for BBC's hit series Doctor Who, but also involves saying good bye to a beloved character: the eleventh regeneration of the Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith. Whovians around the world understood that 2013 would be Smith's final year as the Doctor, but if history any indication we're all in for a tearful farewell for Smith as we welcome Peter Capaldi into the role. In order to properly prepare for this, the first full-length trailer for the special, "The Time of the Doctor," was released today along with some great new stills from the episode.
A fitting voiceover from Coleman recites the following line to open this new trailer:

And now it's time for one last bow
Like all your other selves
Eleven's hour is over now
The clock is striking twelve
The trailer continues and the heartache grows in Smith fans as we see our first glimpses of the demise of Eleven.
"I'm really excited about Christmas. I think Steven has written a real belter for me to go out on and I had a great time filming it," Smith recently said. "It was quite sad at the end, obviously, when I had to leave, but I think we've got a really moving story, a really great sense of adventure in it. I'm pleased about [that,] because it's obviously the last episode but it still feels like a classic adventure episode with great monsters and a few twists."
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