Thursday, December 12, 2013

Woman Married for ‘Penis and A Paycheck’ But Now Complains ‘It’s TooMuch!’ (Watch)

Divorce Court, Season 15, Mrs. Jacobs
“She should have known, their honeymoon was at Magic Mountain!”–Harvey Noyd, Father of 21-year-old groom tells judge
Watch the full episode of DIVORCE COURT below.
*Be careful what you ask for.
Hey, we all know what desperation looks like, right? But when you act upon that desperation and choose too fast, it can often lead to disaster for all involved.
When Divorce Court judge Lynn Toler asked Djakarta (Deena) Jacobs what did you think you was getting when you got somebody who was 21-years old,” and she replied, “Some penis. A paycheck,” the court went into an outburst of laughter. “She said ‘penis’. Penis and a paycheck,” the judge clarified.

But then Mrs. J went on to complain that her young husband was immature and “wearing it [sex] out” because he wants it too much. She says she married him to show him what “manhood” was all about in this episode of “I’m Over My Boy Toy Week” on DIVORCE COURT where she is seeking a divorce from her husband, Erin Noyd.
The two have been married for six months.
They met when 21-year-old Erin placed an ad online seeking a roommate. Deena answered the ad and moved in.
In comes Harvey Noyd, Erin’s father. No doubt the father-son relationship is tight. The senior Mr. Noyd would visit his son at home, and claims to have witnessed some of the craziest  events; starting with the visit that showed his son with a big smile and an empty room where his “roommate” once slept. Apparently, the two had fallen in love after two months and turned two bedrooms into one. Yet at points during the six month union, father Noyd claims he would come home to find his son, “hiding under my bed!”
Now 21-year-old Erin tells the judge, “Your honor, I thought I married my lover, but I ended up marrying my mother. This woman is crazy!”
Throughout this case we hear about the wife throwing a microwave at the husband; the husband being seen running down the street in his underwear; and the father-in-law throwing his hands up in the air and calling both of them crazy. But it was the “final straw” that broke the camel’s back and made judge Toler tell one of them to “Get out!” of her court.
It’s a hoot, and you can’t help but laugh.
And wait, all of this doesn’t necessary lead to divorce. Fun-NEE!

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