Friday, December 13, 2013

The REAL Reason Beyonce Released Her ALBUM EARLY . . . And It'sDEFINITELY JUICY!

: According to a TOP SNITCH at Sony BMG, Beyonce's late night album release was NOT meant to happen this way at all.
We spoke with TWO insiders who BOTH confirm that the label execs DID NOT LIKE Beyonce's album, felt that she was moving in too "RATCHET" a direction, and were prepared to CUT THEIR LOSSES and scrap the entire album. They were DEFINITELY NOT willing to spend any $$ for promotion.
Beyonce - taking advice from Jay Z - felt confident about the album, and it's potential sales. So Jay Z urged her, and she agreed, to pull a POWER MOVE. She basically told the label - RELEASE IT NOW, no promo.
If the album sells well, you can expect the label to OPEN UP THEIR WALLETS and pay for promo - that means interviews and the like. If it doesn't - we're told that Bey and her people are ALREADY HARD AT WORK with some "spin." We're told if it FLOPS (which doesn't seem likely), they'll just pretend it was only a mixtape - and a way to ORGANICALLY connect with her fans.
BTW, this here is FACT, not rumor.

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