Friday, December 13, 2013

John Dumelo Wants To Be The President Of Ghana!

John Dumelo1

Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo must have confused President of Women affairs for the President of the Republic of Ghana. If anything at all, he should start as the Entertainment Industry Prefect and then he can move up the ladder….LOL
On a serious note, John Dumelo has been talking about his soon to be opened hotel-Maselo Court. And he added that, after getting his hotel investment on its legs, he will want to be a pilot. In fact, he is reported to have said “I want to be a pilot, in other words, want to own my plane and airline’.
Ending it all with what seem to be a joke, he is once again reported to have said; since the history of Ghana shows a lot of Johns having become presidents, John Dumelo stands a chance too.

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  1. Multi-talented businessman....I just love the guy,if God wish my dear U̶̲̥̅̊ can be a president


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