Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tila Tequila's "Dear Diary: I Hope Nobody Reads This," ..Facebook ban isn't stopping her!

Get ready to get a bad case of the sads: Tila Tequila is still banned from Facebook, so she's still writing these long, bizarre blogs on her site. She wrote a new entry last night, and instead of telling us about Hitler's virtues, she decided to tell us all about her feelings. And, not going to lie, it's kind of tough to read.

She titled it "Dear Diary: I Hope Nobody Reads This," which is a weird thing to say when you post a blog publicly on a site that you know people see, but the whole thing is about how sad she is that "everyone is like a robot" and that most humans don't know all that they are capable of, like teleportation. And guys, she just feels really, really bad for us all:

Sometimes when I dream for them… I feel so good inside because I wish they coould all feel the joy I feel.. but then I snap back into this world and realize… who am I kiddding?  *SIGHS*  So diary… I guess it’s just me and you now.  At least YOU understand me and you’re open minded… especially since you’re also an alien in there…. but oh gosh… yeah don’t tell the humans about that.. .they will SERIOUSLY think I’m crazy…. but in a way sometimes they do make me laugh because it’s just so absurd to me.  Like… I have this 600 page book that shows you exactly how humans were created and what DNA mixtures were used and what the outcome of certain mixes crated, but oh well it’s too bad they don’t know how to use their right brains or 3rd eye anymore.  I suppose its not their fault entirely since their 3rd eyes is most likely totally f---ed beyond repair.   Anyway Diary.. thanks for listening to me tonight, and yea I know… I know… some people will never learn and yeah I do miss my steed too when I was a Valkyrie in one of my past lives.  God I’m such a badass b----…. if only they knew what i used to do in my past lives… hahaha!  Ehhh but nah don’t tell them…. just… love the humans for whatever they have turned into.  Some of them are quite ok actually.   Ok well… headed back to Sirius B now.  Good Night.

For real though, can someone help this girl? Can that happen now? Anytime, really, someone could step in and offer her some assistance. Please?

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