Sunday, December 08, 2013

Amanda Bynes Told To Put Down The Backpack & Head Back Into Rehab ByHer Doctors?!

Wait a minute, hold the phone!
Amanda Bynes just got out of rehab, is back spending time with her loving family and friends and now her doctors aresaying she should go back?
What gives?!
A source is claiming that Amanda's doctors are saying her return to school is a little too soon for the actress.
They spilled:
“Amanda was told by her doctors that going to fashion school, so soon after being released from The Canyons, … [is] an absolutely terrible idea for [her] to do at this time — it’s almost setting her up for failure,”
the source said.
“There will be pressure on Amanda as far as school work, deadlines, and it’s unlikely she will be able to succeed.
The fashion school she is enrolled in is almost two hours from her parents’ house in Orange County, and she still doesn’t have a valid driver’s license."

True, she doesn't have a valid driver's license, but isn't she going to be escorted to and from her classes?
So...if she has escorts, they'll be able to drive her? But we will admit, two hours is a long drive for school!
The source also acknowledged that Mandy is still seeing her doctors for therapy, saying:
“Yes, she is still seeing her doctors on an outpatient basis, but this is all happening way too fast and too soon. Amanda should be eased back into her life in a controlled manner, because she is dealing with a very serious health diagnosis. Why does she need to enroll now in school? It would be ideal if she waited six months to a year.”
Okay, to be honest, we were a little shocked when we saw that she was enrolled and ready to go atFIDM.
Maybe Mandy just thinks she's up for the challengeand is ready to dive back into society!
And the drama continues...
[Image via WENN.]

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