Monday, December 09, 2013


Like we say in Nigeria, 'wonders shall never end'. Two brothers, born of the same parents, are currently at war. Serious war! The retired Army Generals are engaged in a bitter feud over a woman. Yes, the elder brother accused the younger one of snatching his wife, sleeping with her and painfully, asking him to go to hell, when confronted.

The scandalous occurrence which is now the talk of the town – especially in the northern part of the country where they hail from and also among their friends, some of whom have already waded in without achieving any result, is indeed a scandal like no other.

The two brothers, at some point in this country, were very powerful and in charge of two sensitive positions. The marriage, contracted under Islamic rites in 1970, is now seriously threatened. Blessed with four children before the madness started, it's chances of surviving are now very slim. Pouring out his heart to a friend, the aggrieved elder brother stated that his younger brother capitalised on his constant absence from home, due to the nature of his job, to visit his home, seduce his wife and now both of them are sharing the woman. 

Besides constantly talking to her for hours on the telephone; spoiling her silly with expensive gifts and cash, the woman now spends more time with her brother in law than her husband. The most painful aspect of the whole sordid drama is that both of them have developed thick skins to the murmurings of all the right thinking people who are amazed and flabbergasted by what they are doing. 

They've actually become so shameless and blatant with their romance. Describing his brother as a sex maniac, the matter has since polarised the family, with members now belonging to different camps. Confessing that he is still in love with the woman, who interestingly is one of his three wives, the elder brother has been reaching out to some respected and influential citizens of this country and begging them to plead with his younger brother to hands off his wife. Summing up his brother's immoral act as frightening and unacceptable in the context of their blood relationship, he lamented that the accused is deploying his vast connections to humiliate him, rubbish his marriage, denigrate the family's name, which he heads at the moment as the eldest male child and at the same time plunge the future of the products of the union into jeopardy.

 The last has certainly not been heard on the matter – especially with the younger brother and the woman not relenting; but instead are still waxing stronger and stronger. Damning everybody. ......And also damning the world.

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