Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Australian Family Sets The World Record Again For Most Christmas Lights!

tumblr mwtmx8lu7w1sgosfro1 400All of the lights!
Think you've got the best holiday decorations on the block? Prepare to have your pride run over like Grandma by a reindeer!
The Richards family from Australia set the Guinness world record for most Christmas lights...AGAIN! Sound the didgeridoos of victory, because that's AUSSOME!
The Richards decked out their home with 502,165 lights, beating the previous world record of held by a family in New York who had beat their previous record of 331,038!
Nothing like a good old fashioned Christmas light rivalry!
In a recent interview, Dave Richards admitted that he's been working hard to show us the light:

"I started in October. I took a week off in October school holidays, and then have worked every weekend since."
Meanwhile, their whopping electric bill is being sponsored by a local power company, and two years ago they accepted donations for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and Kids ACT, raising $78,000!
Looks like their upcoming days will be merry and extremelybright! Keep on shining, Richards family!

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