Friday, January 10, 2014

Diddy Dishes On Dropping $100M On A Tequila Co.!

puff daddy purchases deleon tequila exclusive quote ciroc
The Most Interesting Man in the World ain't got NOTHING on Puffy Daddy, LOLz!!
Diddy has been bringing joy to the tastebuds of vodka lovers across the world for years with Cîroc, his ultra successful line of premium vodka, but now he's branching out!!
The mega-successful producer, entrepreneur, and recording artist reportedly just dropped nearly $100 mil to acquire 50% of a top-shelf tequila company called DeLeón!
DeLeón is described as being a "100% blue weber agave boutique tequila brand with a loyal following in Hollywood and the U.S. music industry" and bottle can be purchased for about $40 bucks a pop!
In an EXCLUSIVE! comment, the mac Diddy excitedly explained his new venture.
He exclaimed:
"I've had an extremely successful partnership with Diageo over the years. I look forward to expanding our business relationship by creating a joint venture between Diageo and Combs Wine and Spirits."
AH-Mazing!! We're looking forward to it, too, and we bet we aren't the only ones!!!
Do U think Diddy's tequila can become as trendy as his vodka!?

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