Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Lindsay Lohan's Precious Laptop Gets Stolen From Her! She's Offering AReward For Its Safe Return!

lindsay lohan
Oh no! Poor LiLo!!
This is why you should always take your valuables as carry ons!
Lindsay Lohan can say probably goodbye to that laptop if security hasn't caught the thief!
That's so sad, there were probably a TON of memories and private things on her laptop!
While Linds was partaying the night away on Monday evening in China, it sounds like she wasn't keeping a close eye on her valuables the next day at the airport!
The actress tweeted:

Such a bummer indeed!
While we do not condone stealing, we do have to there anything scandalous hidden in that digital piece of treasure?!
Perhaps a tell-all in the making? Dina Lohan did say Linds isn't writing a book at the time, but she could have excerpts ready to go!
But it doesn't sound like she's too freaked out about her laptop missing, so maybe there's nothing durrty on that portable computer!
Darn! LOLz! We kid!! Hope you find that bad boy soon, Lindsay!

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