Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Shakira - My Man, Gerard Piqué doesn't like Skinny.. He prefers meat over bone

Embrace your hot body, gurl!
Shakira is sooo lucky to have such an amazing partner!
The Whenever Wherever singer dished that her man Gerard Piqué adores her just the way she is!
She said:
"My man, Gerard, prefers meat over bone. He doesn't like too skinny.
That takes pressure off. I already have a lot to worry about. This month I'm not exercising because I have an album to finish and I have a baby. And I like these pastries in front of me."
Who doesn't like pastries?
Speaking of album, we can't remember to forget, but we are over the moon excited for your single with Rihanna!
Forget exercising and think about the more important things in your life! Like happiness, music, and babies!
LOLz! We kid about exercising!

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