Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Charlie Sheen: My Ex-GFs SCAMMED ME I Hope They Choke to Death onCanned Turkey

Charlie Sheen is wishing DEATH upon two of his former "Angels" -- claiming they scammed him out of some serious cash ... and now he wants 'em to "fatally choke on a Vons can of pressed turkey."

TMZ has learned ... before Sheen started dating Brett Rossi, he ended his relationship with the trio of porn stars he had been with for the past several months -- Celeste StarJayme Langford and Jana Jordan

Sources connected to Sheen tell us Charlie believes two of the three "angels" -- Jayme and Jana -- carried out a scheme to run up his credit card bill ... and when Charlie found out, he went ballistic.

In fact, when we reached out to Charlie about the situation -- he fired-off one of the most Sheen-ish statements of all time ... telling us, "I've observed more nobility and honor in the drifters I've run over and child molesters I spit on at Pelican Bay."

It gets worse -- and far more graphic -- at one point he says they're worse than "the cancer known as Brooke [Mueller]."

Check out the entire statement below ... it's epic.


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