Tuesday, December 03, 2013

If This is Jada Pinkett-Smith's Post-Split Revenge Body, IT'S WORKING! [PHOTO]

This is Jada Pinkett-Smith (or is it just Pinkett lately?) on vacation at the beach for Thanksgiving, and my goodness, does she look unbelievable. 

Jada, if you remember, recently debuted a video for her single, "Stuck," which featured a lot of angry singing about breakups and ringlessness and how it was "time" to "end" a "story," and here's the funny thing -- the photo agency from which these pictures were purchases alleges that Jada was enjoying the surf with her family during the holiday, yet one integral part of the unit was missing -- Will Smith

Is this thing happening, Jada? Are y'all really splitting up? Because all signs point to "yes," and you know how disappointed we all get when those signs are wrong. You go, girl. Get on with yourself and show the world all of the awesome that you're made of, because apparently, it's a whole hell of a lot.

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