Wednesday, December 11, 2013

George Clooney Is Ukraine's SeXXXiest New Freedom Fighter! See HisInspirational Video HERE!

george clooney inspirational message ukranian protesters kiev hero democracy hoorayWe already knewGeorge Clooney was an American hero, but now the righteously ravishing actor has gone international!
The Gravity star recently released a pretty heavy video; he sent a message to Ukrainian protestors to keep on keeping on!!
In case you haven't been paying attention, Ukraine ALMOST made agreements to position itself closer to the European Union and further away from the clutches of disturbingly intolerant nation of Russia, but the Ukrainian government decided to go a different direction!
Now angry citizens have taken to protesting on the streets of Kiev to express their great displeasure!
That's where Mr. Clooney, no stranger to standing up to the man, comes in!
Ch-ch-check out his inspirational message for yourself...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Yes!!! We're sure the protestors will take his message to heart because if there's one person who knows The Facts of Life, it's him!
But hopefully George is careful next time he takes a dip in the ocean. We all heard about how the Ukraine Navy "lost" those military dolphins!
Wo knows whether they did that on purpose porpoise as part of their master plan to eliminate enemies of the state!

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