Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Inmate Chops Off His Penis After Being Denied Release Before Christmas(DETAILS)

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An inmate on death row in a Kenyan prison chopped off his own penis after he was denied a presidential pardon for a release before Christmas.
According to Sunday World, the inmate told other inmates he doesn’t need it anymore since he won’t be getting out of prison before Christmas. He chopped the organ off while he was doing work, and then continued to go back to work while bleeding. He then passed out from shock and was taken to a hospital.
Reports say they couldn’t reattach the organ being that they waited 13 hours to try and treat the horrible injury.
The site reports:

Upon realising his name wouldn’t be called he castrated himself using a razor blade and continued to mop up the floors until he collapsed from loss of blood.
He was discovered an hour later when inmates returned to see pools of blood leading to one of the cells.
A prison warder who spoke to Karuri said because he didn’t receive a pardon “he decided to chop off his manhood because it was useless to him since he cannot have children now.”
SOURCE: Sunday World | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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