Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Are On Their Way To A HUGE Divorce?!?!

Didn't we JUST see them looking lovey-dovey at LAX???
Star Magazine's newest issue is claiming that LeAnn Rimesand Eddie Cibrian are completely DONEZO!!
Sources are saying that Eddie is ready to kick LeAnn to the curb alongside a HUGGGE divorce!!

"They’ve only been married for two and a half years, but she’s been driving him to distraction with her psycho behavior from the moment they first hooked up. It’s been getting continuously worse since they made it official, and Eddie can’t take it anymore; he’s at the end of his rope.”
Not only are they apparently on the rocks, but Eddie is back in the good graces of his ex, Real HousewivesBrandi Glanville!!
Sources said:
“He calls her and texts her regularly, especially when he’s had a bad day with LeAnn.”
This is CRAZAY!
Those two are seen out ALL the time! They're so showy with their affection towards one another, and maybe somehomewrecking ways, that this can't POSSIBLY be true....
Can it???
[Image via Star Magazine.]

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