Saturday, November 02, 2013

12 Year Old – Worlds’ Hairiest Girl

Supatra Sasuphan (World’s Hairiest Girl At Age 12)
Happy Supatra joining in at school
Supatra Sasuphan, who may be known as “monkey face” or “wolf girl” is the worlds’ hairiest girl, but has not let anything get her down in life. The young schoolgirl is faced wit ha rare genetic disease which only 50 people in the world currently have. Rather than let it bring her down or ruin her life, Supatra is happy with her life and how she is currently the record holder for the worlds’ hairiest girl. She is also very happy with how things are going and is expected to do well at school.
A teacher has said she works very hard at school and even has ambitions to be a doctor, so that she can look after the sick and her family.
Supartra insists her condition is “who she is” and is happy with how she is. Her family consider her a “normal little girl”.
Supatra is just one of fifty people with the rare disease, Ambras Syndrome which is caused by a faulty chromosome. Before this rare genetic disease was found it use to be branded as “the werewolf”.
She has thick hair growing over her eyes, nose, eyes and arms and has undergone multiple types of surgery to try and treat it but nothing has worked to even stop the hair from growing.
She has been asked by people before “what sin have you done to deserve this” she explains what it is and ends with “this is who I am”
Locals pray for her and hope that one day she will be cured, but to this day no cure has been found, not even to stop the hair growth so if shaved off, it will always grow back.

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