Friday, November 01, 2013

Drunk-O-Vision Reveals Why Drunk People Do Stupid Stuff

Things look a little different when you’re drunk. Luckily, College Humor has come up with a helpful guide to help us understand how alcohol affects the brain and makes it think that whatever it’s doing is a great idea. The images are simple – the one on the left is the sober and often less-than-glorious reality of what’s happening, and the right shows the drunken reasoning we adopt when making poor decisions. Who hasn’t sent a regretful text or spent just a little bit too much money while out painting the town red?
Alcohol has been fairly controversial in modern society. Because of the numerous social and health problems associated with it, as well as its many admirers, it will probably remain divisive for a while. Homer Simpson put it best: “To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.” 

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