Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mikel talks up Jose Mourinho’s influence in his second coming

The Nigerian believes that the Portuguese coach has infused the club with a winning mentality again.
Nigeria midfielder Mikel Obi has spoken about the influence of Jose Mourinho in his second stint at Chelseaand what he has added to the team.
“This game is all about winning and the manager that brought this transformation of winning to this club is back now,” Mikel told Chelsea TV before the Capital One Cup win over Arsenal on Tuesday.
"He still has the same idea of how he wants us to approach every game with a win, win mentality.
"I came to this club at 18 and he made me to think win, win, win,” Mikel added.

Mikel also revealed that the players get motivated just seeing Mourinho.
“Whenever you see him, you see motivation. You see him walking around the place…motivation.
“He walks around the place full of energy, full of confidence. And really, he is not doing it for himself but for you to see how he goes about his business and he wants you to emulate that into yourself and start behaving in a similar way.
"This is because confidence can lead you to so many places that you never thought you could go and it is just brilliant to work with him again. 
“And now that he is back, we hope that we can continue winning the trophies that we won since he left,” Mikel concluded.

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