Friday, November 01, 2013

Karrueche Tran Found Chris Brown’s Pics of Rihanna, But She’s NotJealous

While Chris works on some issues in an anger management rehabilitation center, his on-again girlfriend Karrueche and his mother Joyce Hawkins have been cleaning up the troubled singer’s home to rid the environment of all signs of partying. And while there, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Karrueche stumbled upon some things she might not like — photos of Rihanna! So how did she react?

The two women in Chris Brown’s life, mother Joyce Hawkins and girlfriendKarrueche Tran, have been spending time together at Chris’ house as he completes his stay in anger management rehab. And while Chris’ house contains some visual memories of his time with famous ex Rihanna, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Karrueche is trying to stay positive for her boyfriend.

Chris Brown’s Anger Management — His Mom & Karrueche Tran Are Bonding

“Karrueche has no problem with Rihanna whatsoever,” ”She’s stumbled upon pictures of Chris and [Rihanna] in his house, but she didn’t throw them out or cut them up or anything. She’s not that girl. She’s not the jealous type,” the source says.
Chris, 24, will be in for a happy surprise when he returns home from his undisclosed treatment facility — a happy and healthy home. “[Joyce and Karrueche] don’t want him coming back to a place that reminds of him of a club, so they’re tiding it up and making it feel like home. “[Karrueche is] taking care of the dogs and making sure things are in order, just like any woman would do when her dude is down.”
But does Karrueche, 25, have limits when it comes to her support for Chris? Like, say, no photos of ex-girlfriends?
“She thinks it’s good for him to keep pictures of her,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “[Chris and Rihanna] had a good thing at one time and she thinks it’s important to remember good things in his life, even if it’s with the other girl. Her main thing is getting Chris healthy and back in her arms.”

Karrueche Tran Is Staying Optimistic

Cleaning up your currently absent boyfriend’s house with his mother — and finding photos of his ex-girlfriend — would be a difficult task for anyone, but Karrueche is remaining positive.
“She knows he’s in a good place now,” the source adds. “She can’t wait to meet the new and improved Chris.”
What do you think, Is Karrueche making the right decision?

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