Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jay Jay Okocha's wife Turns 40, He Gives Her 28 Million Naira BenzG-Wagon for B/day Gift

Austin ‘ Jay-Jay’ Okocha, former Super Eagles footballer & premiership star over the weekend threw 
a lavish 40th birthday shindig for his beloved wife, Nkechi on Saturday October 26, 2013 at The Civic Center, Lagos. According to those that were priveledged to score an invite JayJay gifted his wife with the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon worth about 28 Million Naira!
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According to Maestromedia Blog
It was a black-tie dinner kinda setting. For those who had the privilege to attend the A-class shindig, they exclaimed that it was lavish in all ways that one wants to think about it. There was the over abundance of all those things that makes parties of this caliber A-class, nothing in terms of fun & entertainment was lacking.
On the bandstand to entertain the guests were Kaycee who sang his famous ‘Limpopo’ song to the delight of everyone. It didn’t end there, as there was also the waist twister extraordinaire ‘Flavour Nabania’, not still stopping there, the rave of the moment, the young man called Ayo Balogun but better known to the world as ‘Wizkid’ as usual was the toast of the happy crowd. He performed his new hit song ‘Caro’ and got plenty of the crowd input. It still didn’t end there, as the Chief Creative Officer of Empire Mates Entertainment Banky W also performed; his was rather special as he performed a duet with the eldest daughter of the couple. Men!!!!!!! The young lady is already as tall as her mama & even more beautiful, she’s also a good dancer.
The delectably gorgeous birthday gal Nkechi was the cynosure of all eyes in her beautiful sea green outfit, showing off those twin mounds that some have suggested has gotten some form of ‘pampering’ of late wink wink. Apart from the outfit, the rocks (diamonds) on display in the form of diamond ring & diamond encrusted watch could easily blind the eyes.
Though there were many highlights of the event, the one that left everyone totally gobsmacked was the presentation of birthday present by Jay-jay to his wife, the gorgeous gift wrapped delight was a brand spanking new (tear rubber) White Mercedes Benz G-Wagon (eat your hearts out) with chrome rims). The beautiful gift brought to fore the very emotional & very appreciative Nkechi, who went down on her knees, expressing her heartfelt thank you to her husband for his love & support in front of everyone.
It was a very well put together party like we already said and everyone who came had their fun. Curiously none of the football playing mates of Jay-Jay was at the party. Most of those that attended were more of Nkechi’s ‘friends’, especially the females. Even a very very close female friend of hers based in the US was around at the party.
People at the party were openly estimating that the party & gift must have set back the retired Captain of the Super Eagles by about N28 Million or more. To us we think it’s good money well spent, if you really appreciate your wife, knowing very well her incredible contributions to your life.

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