Friday, November 01, 2013

2 Chainz - I Was Misquoted Regarding Jay Z Feature & Sex Tape Plans

2 Chainz clears the air on reports that he would have a Jay Z feature on his next album, and that he was open to filming a sex tape with Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea.
2 Chainz is known to say some pretty colorful things in interviews. Whether talking about his $100,000 feature package, or his attempt to rob a Wendy's in his teens, we've come to expect outrageous claims from the rapper. So when it was reported that Tity was open to filming a sex tape with Iggy Azalea and/orNicki Minaj, it didn't seem that out of character for the rapper, but Chainz revealed this to be one of the topics he's been misquoted on in the last few weeks.
“I did say I want to put one on NetFlix,” said Tit on his sex tape plans. “So, the people asked me what do I feel about Nicki. I said, ‘That’s my sister.’ And then they asked me about Iggy. I said Iggy was dope. So, then I look up again on my Twitter and it says, ‘I want to have sex with them two women for my sex tape.’ And I ain’t never said that neither. That’s not really my angle…I did agree to the sex tape part.”
The GOOD music rapper also denied reports that he would definitely be including a Jay Z feature on his third album, though he's still open to the idea.
“I didn’t say that either. Nope,” he said of the guest Hov verse. “Somebody asked me, [they] said ‘Chainz, man, you done worked with everybody in the industry, everybody. Who you ain’t work with?’ So I was like, ‘I ain’t work with everybody. I ain’t work with Jay. I ain’t work with Em. I ain’t work with Mary J. Blige.’ It’s a few people I haven’t worked with. So, I look at my Twitter, it says something totally different, which is cool. I’m learning how to do this stuff here. This media, these interviews. I’m getting it, you know? So, I have to be careful what I say or somebody else [will] ask me the question that I never even put out there. But it’s all good. I would love to rock with Jay Z. I’m a huge fan, but we’ll just see what happens.”
Watch the full interview above.
Source: hotnewhiphop

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