Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus Is MTV's Artist Of The Year!

miley cyrus mtv artist of the year
What? Did you expect someone else to snag the title??
C'mon, after her VMAs performance had the world talking for weeks, Miley Cyrus is the clear winner of MTV's Artist of the Year title!
MTV revealed that the honor was bestowed up the cropped t-shirt lovin' darling after her VMAs performance became their most watched video as well as her MTV artist page getting more views than any other!
Considering she grabbed the world's attention with her wackadoodle video for We Can't Stop and with her nudie show for Wrecking Ball, we totes see why she's reigning over all the other musicians this year.

The head of MTV's music and talent programming strategy,Amy Doyle, explained the choice:
"She dominated the music charts and critics' best-of lists while creating some of the year's most memorable moments."
Britney Spears might be becoming Vegas' queen and Katy Perry might have Roared through the year, but Mileybird had all eyes on her and her tiny outfits!
Congratz on yet another title! Will Time's Person of the Year be next??

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