Monday, December 09, 2013

Pattie Mallette Says Justin Bieber’s First Word Was “Money,” Wished “HeDidn’t Have Tattoos”

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette decided on Sunday night to do an impromptu “AskPattie” session on Twitter.
And she really opened up about her superstar son.
Asked when Bieber will get married and give her grandchildren, Mallette replied, “Ahhh omg could u imagine me a Grandma already!? Hopefully that’s a long way in the future!”
And, what was her son’s first words?
Mallette admitted, “Money! Hahahaha! Instead of Mommy he said Money & Daddy!”

She also recalled that her favorite memories with Bieber were “Bedtimes. I would tuck him in, read to him, pray with him & talk & giggle sometimes for an hour or more. *sigh. I miss that!”
And while Mallette proudly noted “the most beautiful thing that happened” to her was Bieber, she revealed, “I wish he didn’t have tattoos,” though added, “but I do like them. I’m torn. Weird right?”
What do you think of Mallette’s answers about Bieber?

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