Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shia LaBeouf Is Out Of Control! Threatens Fan With Murder Over AnAutograph!

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And he was behaving so nicely!!
Shia LaBeouf is back to his uber unpredictable bad boy ways!
This time, the Nymphomaniac hunk threatened the life of an innocent fan!
It all went down at a Covent Gardens restaurant in Londonwhen an excited fan asked the beefy leading man for his autograph before he made her cry for some mysterious reason!
But that's not even the worst of it! The lady fan's BF came to the rescue and Shia got SO pissed that he had to be escorted by a fleet of waiters and diners!
One eyewitness described:

“Shia went for this guy after he upset his girlfriend. It was shocking. He looked out of control.’ Shia pursued him and was overhead saying, ‘I can get you killed'.”
Aye dios mio!!!
No one knows what words the boys exchanged, but it's pretty safe to say Shia overreacted a bit.
Didn't he learn anything after getting fired from Orphans for losing his cool?
We think Shia is scary talented, but that won't mean much if he scares away all his fans.
Dude needs to get his temper under control or else his successful career will transform faster than Optimus Prime!!!!

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