Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Taylor Swift hopes her boyfriends aren't intimidated by her success butisn't looking for love right now

Taylor keeps her standards high - good on you girl

Taylor Swift has given an insight into her dating dilemmas, admitting her fame could be a turn-off for men.
The 23-year-old star opened up about boys during a recent magazine interview, revealing how she liked to be won over and preferred the old-fashioned approach.
The Love Story singer told Hello! how she thought her success could intimidate some men from making a move on her.
She said: "I suppose it might [be intimidating]. It's not like I would look at a guy and say, 'Hey, are you intimidated by me?' I think that would be highly uncool on my part!
"I tend not to be the one to start conversations with guys, anyway. I'm a little more old-fashioned than that.

"I assume that if someone is interested in me they will come up and talk to me - and if they want to call me up afterwards, then they will."
But the multi-millionaire is not looking for love at the moment, despite high-profile flings with Zac Efron, Harry Styles and John Mayer.          

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

The We Are Never Getting Back Together starlet added: "I try not to wishfully think my way into relationships - or maybe I should say I'm trying not to do that anymore."
But she admitted heartbreak had its uses.
"I do tend to write more songs when I have a broken heart, though, because when you're in love, you're just so fascinated by the fact you're in love that you don't take the time to write down everything that you're feeling."
The pain of a broken heart is quite a heavy price to pay though. Although, we reckon singing on stage with future King of England Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi is therapy for any girl.            

William attends Centrepoint Gala Dinner

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