Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Whats Happening? Strange Noises Are Coming From One World Trade Center(VIDEO)

Residents in Lower Manhattan are reporting a strange wailing coming from One World Trade Center when the winds are high and yes, it’s freaking them out. There is no definitive explanation, but it could just be the breezy weather. The high-pitched, choral notes coming from the direction of the 9/11 terrorist attack were first noticed during Hurricane Sandy.
But in an area where nearly 3,000 people perished in a violent attack, it’s hard for some to believe that the ghostly sounds aren’t some supernatural phenomenon. Kenny Cummings, who lives a few blocks from One WTC, posted the above video of the wailing on YouTube and sent this email to theTribecaCitizen:

Have you ever heard from neighbors about the wailing World Trade Center? I live a couple of blocks from the tower, and first heard this very eerie sound during Hurricane Sandy last year. I’ve heard it only once afterwards, sometime last winter. I assumed once the building’s framework and windows went in, the airflow would be redirected. At 3:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, I awoke to the sound. It was slightly different in timbre, with two tones this time. I couldn’t be sure what it was at first, but after a moment I realized it was the Trade Center. Outside it was raining but the trees were calm. I can only imagine at that height the weather is different. I’m sure all of downtown hears this—it’s unmistakable and very chilling. I had to get up and record it. [You can hear it especially well around :20.] It seemed to calm down about 5 a.m.”
Hmmm…wind flow or something else? Sound off below.

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