Thursday, January 16, 2014

PHOTO: Bachelor aged 80 hasn't washed in 60 YEARS

Hermit: Amou Haji hasn't washed for 60 years

No one knows if Amou Haji is unlucky at cards, but he is certainly unlucky in love. It’s no wonder the 80-year-old has been dubbed the world’s most ineligible bachelor.
As a young man Amou wooed a wife - and lost. But now no dating service would go anywhere near accepting an application from him.
He hasn’t washed for over 60 years and his favourite past-time is puffing his pipe - packed with dried animal dung. Any prospective wife would have to accept his hermit lifestyle living in the Iranian desert.
But if a he did manage a date for dinner, he can rustle up a mean porcupine dish - but only if it is rotten meat.

Amou took to the wilderness near the village of Dejgah in the country’s southern province of Fars after he wooed - and lost - as a young man.
At night he sleeps in a grave-like hole in the ground. But in the winter he moves into a brick shack nearby villagers built for him.
Young men from the village tried to get him to wash once, but he managed to escape - believing being clean would make him sick.
The nearest he gets to clean water is drinking rainfall from a rusty oil can
But when he does spruce up, according to the Tehran Times, he burns his shaggy hair off with a stick from his fire and uses an old car wing-mirror to groom himself.

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