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REVEALED! Hidden Truths Of The Braxton Family (PHOTOS)

With a show as explosive as Braxton Family Values it’s hard to believe that there’s even more drama behind the scenes of this picture perfect portrait of dysfunction.
Show premiered on April 12, 2011, and it was designed to reveal much more than the personal lives of the Braxton family.
Unfortunately, as the show started getting famous, the most viewed episodes were the ones with conflicts and fights, usually about infidelity. Although their lives are public, the Braxton family has many more secrets to share.


1. Allegations Of Abuse

It’s hard to believe that Vince would harm a fly, but more than one account of abuse allegations have come to the surface.
Some of them were saying that Tamar is afraid of Vince, and has been beaten on a couple of occasions.
Is this true or not? We hope not but only time will tell. With the domestic violence only increasing in the USA and especially among the Celeb couples, it’s a good time to bring attention to this subject.


2. Toni And Vince Were An Item

Long before Tamar and Vince got married, Toni and Vince were going out.
It’s kind of hard to believe really, but it’s the truth.
Another thing that is hard to believe is that Tamar allegedly slept with her sisters Toni’s ex-husband Keri Lewis.
wenn5939290Photo credit: WENN.com

3. Despite Rumors Tamar And Vince Aren’t Getting Divorced

Braxton Family Values lays it out clear that there’s a definite struggle in the marriage, but thanks to a giant rock she got for Christmas this year and a loving tweet, it’s clear these two are going to “stay&fight”.
Vince first fell in love with Tamar when she was only 15, as he kept seeing her due to his business relationship with the Braxton family.
Now with their son Logan Vincent Herbert, they have even more to fight for.
wenn20715029Photo credit: Ian Bines / WENN.com

4. Tamar Slept With Toni’s Ex Husband

We’d like to say we are surprised by this allegation but we’re not. According to multiple sources, the bitterness that sometimes bubbles up between these two is for a very good reason.
As this list progresses, it is becoming more and more obvious that there are some strange things in the Braxton family and that it’s no wonder that they have their own reality show.
All this is somehow both secret and public, always lingering between gossip and truth, carefully increasing the ratings of the show at the same time (accidentally, of course)
wenn20831434Photo credit: DJDM / WENN.com

5. Gabe Is Spewing Secrets Left And Right

Loads of allegations came from an anonymous girl on Twitter stating that the sisters gossip about each other and that some marriages are on the rocks big time.
The tweets also came with a risqué video of Gabe which can only add more creditability to the claims.
Trina Braxton, decided to divorce Gabe Solis after ten years of marriage because of his alleged infidelity, but now Gabe is doing everything he can to drag out the divorce in hopes that the two of them will make up.
wenn20281805Photo credit: Brian To / WENN.com

6. Tamar Struggled With Bonding With Her Son

We’re sure it took a lot to say this so kudos to Tamar for speaking up for moms who go through the same thing.
Sometimes instant bonding happens, and other times hormones and stress gets in the way, leaving us feeling distant.
With support from her husband Vince, we are hoping that this will fix itself in no time.
wenn20131948Photo credit: Stefan Jeremiah / WENN.com

7. Tamar And Jermaine Dupree’s Dad

Yes it happened. Another record executive too no doubt… Tamar has a clear cut type. Still, at least Vince isn’t old enough to be her daddy.

Source: celebzen

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